Feeding Souls With The Bowls

The Crisis

Young People in the inner city desperately lack spiritual, relational and emotional guidance.

The majority of students in Urban Youth Excel come from a single parent or guardian 95% poverty level households. 98% are from minority cultures (a risk marker) and attend urban schools that have a 53% graduation rate, putting these kids at risk of becoming societal statistics. They face challenges that are prevalent in the inner city such as hopelessness, dysfunctional relationships, peer pressure of gangs and drugs and a lack of support. These are the kids that benefit from the work of AZ Urban Youth Excel.

Check out this video from Tom Lehman,  professional golfer, to learn about Arizona Urban Youth Excel’s Fundraising event, Feeding Souls with the Bowls.


At our Feeding Souls with the Bowls Fundraising event, we will have a variety of soups, bread and butter and dessert. During this family friendly celebration, we will also have plenty of games and outdoor activities for you to enjoy with your kids! Relish in music by Scott McIntyre, concert pianist and American Idol finalist, and partake in our silent auction and raffle. To register, click the button below. We look forward to seeing you there!

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