June was packed with ministry for us at UYE

As the semester came to a close, many of our students were seniors who were preparing to graduate. By God’s grace, many of them did graduate and opted into a summer program at a local community college that UYE was able to participate in!

Summer Program

The program entailed a college course for credit and preparatory training for college life overall. Over 20 students enrolled in the program and received a college credit. Some of them got an A in and began their college careers with a 4.0 GPA! Many of the students in the program were students UYE was able to minister to throughout the year, so witnessing them begin their college careers in this way was a joy.

Church Camp

During the month of June, UYE also took some of our high school students to church camps. One of the aims of our campus work is to mobilize that momentum into off-campus ministry. Our ministry efforts throughout the year often climax in summer/winter camps where students are introduced to Christ for the first time or recommit to walking with God. This summer was no different! We had students give their life to Christ, get baptized, and commit to honoring the Lord’s with their life. We look forward to partnering with our students throughout the summer and into the new school year to ensure those moments at camp don’t become emotional highs but opportunities for discipleship.

Weekly Ministry

One of our goals throughout the summer is to maintain and deepen our relationships with students. Summer is usually time for rest, refreshment, and slowing down for students and teachers however, it is easy for our students to veer off into habits and friendships that steer themselves away from the things we have been pouring into them throughout the school year. Thus, Anthony and Dawit make sure to meet with students weekly, pray with them, and get in the word with them when possible. These hangouts with students are a part of the bread and butter of what we do.

Young Life Summer Camp

We have the Young Life summer camp coming up in July. This is our largest event of the year. We take 50+ out of the city, away from their phones, and get them before Jesus for a week. This includes one-on-one sessions, camp messages, and cabin group sessions where we take our students deeper. Our hope is that many of our students will commit to Jesus! 

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