August was an exciting month for UYE!

School kicked off for many of our students, and ministry has been underway. In this blog post, we will cover three events from the month of August.

Post Summer Camp

After summer camp, it is a goal of ours to ensure the momentum built does not go to waste so, we had three next steps meetings in the month of August. These meetings consisted of bible studies that were geared to provide practical steps for living the Christian life. These events were filled with laughs, scripture and community!

Back to School Movie Night

Secondly, we had a back to school movie night with a few of our kids. As the year begins and the kids start to get there feet underneath them, its important that we maintain a constant presence both on and off campus. This movie night was an opporutinity to do that. We had endless amounts of popcorn and soda and laughed all the way through the movie!

Introducing Our Work

Thirdly and finally, we reintroduced our work to many of the campuses we frequent. At the beginning of every year, UYE goes around to our partner schools and explains our work to students. Every year it’s a new batch of students we get to serve and pray over. We share who we are, what we do, then share parts of our testimony and how we began serving youth. After we share about ourselves, we play a game with students and hand out prizes. By the end of class, students are asking us multiple questions and our relationship with them throughout the semester is underway!

September Events

In the month of Sepetember we have a whole line up of events we are exicted to share with you all! As usual, please keep us in your prayers as we serve our students and help them grow with Jesus!

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