This month was packed with events for UYE!

Many students were on fall break, allowing us to spend more quality time with them, delving deeper into the joy we feel and demonstrate because of our relationship with Jesus. A few highlights are shared below.

Bi-weekly Bible Study

Our most significant activity this month was our bi-weekly bible study. What made it so special is that we had 40+ students at both sessions! We are currently walking them through the Gospel of John. It has been so sweet to share the love of Jesus with them, and for many, it is the first time they have heard of
His pursuit of them.

State Fair Outing

We also went to the state fair with some of the students. It was a joy to spend time with them during their fall break. One of the reasons that our ministry efforts have led students into deeper relationships with God is because they know we are not in their lives just to share a message with them. Along with
sharing the message of Jesus with them, we want to get to know the students for who they are. Spending time at the fair was a wonderful way to connect and continue to develop trusting relationships with them.

Introducing Our Work

One of the hopes of UYE is to not wait until students get into high school to share the message of Jesus with them. Thankfully, our partnering organizations serve junior high students, and they permit us to assist them in many ways, allowing us to spend time with them. This has given us another opportunity to meet the needs of students in our community.

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