Winter break is over and ministry is already in high gear! We’ve been zooming all over, visiting high schools and junior highs, throwing awesome events, and diving deep into Bible studies. This post is your backstage pass to some of the fun we’ve been having.

Reunited With Laughter

Remember that winter break slump everyone gets sometimes? It can be tough to get back in the groove after a long break. But not our students! This month, they were practically bursting with excitement to reunite. So, we took them on a wild ride (literally!) to a local skating rink for a night of games, pizza, and hearing about God’s awesome message.

One Night, Endless Impact

Thirty to forty of our coolest students from all over the valley joined us for this epic skating adventure. We had games that sent us flying around the rink (and maybe left a few bumps and bruises, but hey, that’s part of the fun!). After all that skating, we refueled with a delicious meal and some good old-fashioned hanging out. We talked about school, friendships, and all the other stuff that fills up our lives.

Before the night was over, one of our amazing friends shared their personal story about how God has been there for them, pulled them through tough times, and continues to walk beside them. It’s one thing to hear about the truth of God’s words, but hearing how someone has lived it firsthand? That’s powerful stuff. By the end of the night, everyone left with hearts full of joy and the Word of God ringing in their ears. And guess what? This was just one of many events we’ve got going on!

Beyond the Classroom

UYE isn’t just about high schoolers. We love working with junior high students too! Thanks to our awesome partnerships, we get to hang out with these amazing kids both on and off campus. We drop by classrooms, lend a hand to teachers, and connect with the students. Then, we take them on fun outings filled with games, food, and sharing the word of God together.

Serving junior high schoolers is a special treat because many of them end up going to the same high schools as our other students. Building friendships and introducing them to Jesus even before they hit high school can make a huge difference in their lives, both as students and as followers of Christ. Just check out the picture to the right – that’s Anthony hanging out with some junior high schoolers at an after-school program, where they spend their time playing games and doing crafts. The second picture shows Anthony with a few of those same students who joined him at his local church’s youth group!

When Jesus Takes the Wheel

The final photo to the left captures the heart of what we do at UYE. While we see God working on campuses and at events, some of the most powerful moments happen in the “in-between” times. You know, the car rides home after an event, the quick chats between classes, or those deep conversations that happen when you least expect them. The last picture features Dawit with two students after a ministry event. We often say that Jesus loves to be a “backseat driver,” guiding our conversations with students in unexpected ways.

So, there you have it – a glimpse into the exciting world of UYE! We’re having a blast connecting with students, sharing the love of God, and making a difference. Want to join the fun? Check out our website or contact us directly. We’d love to have you on board!

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