At Urban Youth Excel (UYE), we believe in the transformative power of Jesus Christ in the lives of inner-city youth. Our mission goes beyond simply inviting them to church; it’s about meeting them “in the fields,” where they are, and building genuine connections. This allows us to partner with Jesus, becoming co-laborers in their journey of faith.

Ministry Highlights

One of the highlights of our ministry is our annual camp experience. But this isn’t your typical summer retreat. We understand the constant distractions young people face in the city – phones, chores, family obligations – all make it challenging to hear the quiet voice of God.

Creating Space for Growth

Our winter and summer camps take students away from these distractions. We head to a quiet location a few hours outside the city, immersing ourselves in nature. We play games, have athletic activities, and create an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. However, a crucial element of the camp is the absence of technology. Yes, you read that right – phones are off-limits!

Initially, there’s resistance. Students get creative, sometimes even bringing outdated phones as decoys. But gradually, something beautiful happens. Without the constant buzz and notifications, a different kind of connection emerges. Students begin to open up, not just to God, but also to each other. This creates a fertile ground for spiritual growth.

Seeing Lives Transform

Over the past five years, UYE has had the privilege of taking over 1,000 students to these life-changing camps. The goal is simple: to give them space to encounter Jesus without distractions. And the results have been incredible. Many students have made a confession of faith during their time with UYE, and a significant number of these decisions happen at camp.

Anthony, one of our leaders, recently shared his experience of attending camp for the first time with the students. He witnessed their initial hesitation transform into a deep yearning for more. They went from “maybe I’ll go” to “can we stay longer?”

This is the power of community in a Christ-centered environment. Camp allows for shared experiences, open conversations, and peer-to-peer encouragement. Kids see their friends encountering Jesus, and it ignites a fire within them. In these moments, nervousness and fear melt away, replaced by pure joy.


More Than Just a Camp

While camp is a highlight, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. UYE offers a range of programs throughout the year, including Bible studies, ministry events, and day trips. We strive to be a constant presence in the lives of our students, creating a safe space for them to explore their faith and build a relationship with Jesus.


Girl with Bible

Partnering for a Brighter Future

At UYE, we believe every young person deserves the opportunity to experience the love and hope of Jesus Christ. By partnering with families, churches, and the community, we can empower them to reach their full potential and become agents of positive change in the city.

If you’re passionate about supporting the spiritual growth of inner-city youth, we invite you to join us in this mission. Together, let’s create a future where Jesus shines brightly in the lives of our young people.

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