Filling Spiritual, Physical & Emotional Needs of Phoenix Youth Through Mentorship

We partner with ministries, agencies, schools and churches to foster community and build stability in order to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of kids in the city.
We are a 501(c)(3)
Non-Profit Organization

The Crisis

Young people in the inner city desperately lack spiritual, relational and emotional guidance.

SupPort UYE

The majority of students in Urban Youth Excel come from a single parent or guardian household with a 95% poverty level.


We provide spiritual mentors to meet with kids, introducing them to Christ, build them in their faith and turn them into leaders.



Adventure outdoor camping with urban youth, lead by their mentors.

Ministry Retreats

Ministry outreach to middle school and junior high kids.

Weekly Bible Studies

Provide and connect our youth within bible studies that fit their needs.

Church Youth Groups

Connecting kids to local churches to grow their faith.

Ministry Leaders Training

We train our urban youth leaders to be spiritual mentors and leaders in their communities.

Available For Our Youth

Whenever they need us, we find a way to be available to offer support when they need it most.

Comfort. Joy. Love.

Jesus can make a difference in your life in many ways, from providing comfort in the midst of suffering to helping you reach your full potential. Jesus can help you find a sense of purpose in life, offer hope in difficult times, and provide guidance in everyday decisions. He can teach you how to love and be loved, and provide a sense of peace and joy that only comes from knowing Him.



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One – On – One

Weekly MeetingS

Building relationships… one kid at a time.


Training Young  Leaders

Monthly training

Equip and empower… working with urban youth.


Large Group Retreats

Yearly getaways

Outreach events…

sharing the gospel.


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